Welcome to Monti Mirrors

It is our absolute pleasure to introduce ourselves. To tell the truth, we have been operating since 2019. And, of course, like many creative people, the first works were created - in the garage! :)

We needed to gain more knowledge and experience to realize all this as a beautiful end result. But we had dad's advice on painting, a lot of willpower, and faith that we would succeed. And it was a lot. Like everyone else, the beginning could have been smoother for us, and there were many trials, errors, and surprises in the production process. However, when you diligently look for answers and solutions - they are there. Some people supported and allowed to believe that this shy dream could become something so tangible and graspable.

This is a story about everything happening at the right time and in the right place. Therefore, everything occurred gradually but with convincing steps. What we experienced during these years was necessary for us to be here. With an understanding of the incredible impact of team power and that you don't have to do everything alone. Because we are surrounded by genuinely warm-hearted people who will believe in you and will be ready to jump into this adventure with the same enthusiasm.

But who exactly is Monti? Truth be told, that is one sweet little human child. My godson - Montgomery Martins! Fondly called Monti. Monti is already four years old. And also Monti Mirrors already four. Peers. And it is so happy to see that we have already reached many homes and children's rooms. But as you can see - we are still small.

There is still room to grow, there is still room to learn, and there is still room to master.

Have fun! Let the eyes are happy and the heart excited!

Thank you for being with us!
Ieva and Edgars